Here come the Glitch Techs!

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Have you ever wondered what happens when your video game starts to glitch? The Glitch Techs at Hinobi Tech have you covered.

On the Glitch Techs Rewatch Podcast the cast and crew of the show sit down to watch the episodes on Netflix and share the ins and outs of what it was like to work on Glitch Techs, as well as fun info on the animation industry and their specific roles.

You’ll hear from the show creators, Eric Robles and Dan Milano, voice actors, directors, designers, storyboard artists, production coordinators and many, many more. 

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About the Host

Angela Entzminger is a TV writer and storyboard artist currently working on Santiago of the Seas at Nickelodeon. Her previous work includes hosting The Animated Journey Podcast and writing and illustrating The Loud House comics for PaperCutz. You can view her work at